Yahoo Mail Support


Emails are an integral part of life and everyone using a smart phone owns an email account. This has made life easier for communication but sometimes the emails don’t work well. Yahoo usually does not cause hindrance in sending and receiving mails. Let us discuss on what happens when there are Yahoo Mail problems:


  1. When we are unable to log in to the Yahoo email account, in spite of putting the right password
    There are times when the Yahoo account does not let us in even when we enter the correct password. This issue is quite common in the scene but when such issues spring up, what we can do is
  • Type the account password again slowly remembering the correct case used and also remember the numbers and symbols used.
  • If the issue persists, we must try deleting the cache and cookies of the browser that we were using and recheck.
  • If that does not work, we can try using other browsers and check if it lets us in. Usually, this works but if this doesn’t work we must contact the Yahoo Mail Help team and seek for their help.


  1. When are unable to log in and the password does not work
    Sometimes we are unable to remember our password and we don’t have it saved anywhere. This is when Yahoo allows to reset the account password by following simple instructions.
  • We need to click in the ‘Forgot my password’ link and Yahoo guides us to change the password slowly. If we connect our mobile numbers to the email account, Yahoo will send us OTP’s with which we will be able to retrieve our password.
  • If not, then there are security question given by Yahoo for password resetting. This is for our account security and answering the questions solve the password issues in seconds.
  • But, there are times when we fail to recollect the answer to security questions as well. This is when we should call the Yahoo Email Support, so that they can validate us and unlock the account.


  1. When we can’t login to Yahoo at all
    Sometimes, there are outages in the server which causes hindrance in the proper working of email, we can be rest assured that at those times Yahoo does appoint it’s engineering team who strive to fix the issue for us.

In most cases, the Yahoo Mail Problems which bother us are

  • When emails don’t get tagged read even after we read them. This is a major Yahoo issue and we must immediately seek professional help for this and call the concerned department for help.
  • A basic check which the email team at Yahoo expects us to do is-
  1. To change our account passwords regularly to keep the hackers away
  2. To keep the Trash Box empty so that unwanted emails can be deleted in a jiffy in the Inbox
  3. To keep space in the Inbox so that the emails are received as soon as the sender sends them.

We all know that there new domains springing up every now then but we also have faith in Yahoo because we that the engineers at the Yahoo Mail Support deal our issues with utmost care and precision  and we can be rest assured that our data here is safe and secure.

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